4-Year-Old Enrollment

When your child is in their school year prior to kindergarten, you have the option to enroll him/her for 3 days (M-Tu-W) or

5 days (M-Tu-W-Th-F).


The 4- and 5-year-old students who are  in the classroom for 5 days, will be in with 3- and 4-year-olds; however, they will sometimes be given extra, age-appropriate work, and these students also have the opportunity to learn young leadership skills.


The supply fee is a one-time fee for the school year.


Tuition rates are monthly and are due the first of the month prior. (Ex. - Tuition for November is due on Oct 1st.) Tuition rates for 2022-23 are as follows (subject to change depending on how the pandemic impacts programming):

3-day Students


 Supply Fee: $40

 Tuition: $175/month


  Supply Fee: $55

  Tuition: $350/month

5-day Students


  Supply Fee: $60

  Tuition: $305/month


  Supply Fee: $75

  Tuition: $610/month