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We provide a quality preschool program meeting the emotional, social, intellectual, physical, and spiritual needs of the whole child. We welcome you and look forward to walking with your family through the preschool years.

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What is Virtual Preschool?

Since the 2020 spring semester we have provided a "virtual preschool" format, and are happy to continue offering this option through the 2022-23 school year. We offer both, yet students only enroll in either in-person OR Virtual Preschool.

Our curriculum is loved by parents and Kindergarten teachers! As a student, your child will get more than just colors & shapes or ABC's & 123's. We teach:
  - Fine & gross motor skills
  - Social cues

  - Language development

  - Reading readiness

  - Writing skills

  - Character development

  - Technological practice

  - Problem-solving

  - Faith building

  - Art & music

Our 2022-23 school year

begins on Sept. 6th

and runs through

the middle of May.

What is VP?
Parents Say


"A BIG thank you...

for pouring so much love

into our daughter

these past two years!

Your time, love, energy and patience

have not gone unnoticed."



Your next step will be to request an enrollment packet, which can be submitted by mail or online.

There is a one-time registration fee of $35 (unless you're a member of UABC) for all new students. 

To learn more about enrollment, including tuition & fees, please select one of the following choices:


Meet Our Staff


Contact Us

Please use the form below to request an enrollment packet, to see about scheduling a tour, or to ask another question.

You may also contact the Director, Mrs. Cash (618-465-8580 or


Or, especially if it's during school hours, you may contact the church office (618-465-8531 or

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